To the left, to the left ... there's Jerry Jones sitting in a box to the left -- OF DEZ BRYANT!!!!

No, this isn't some old pic taken during happier times -- this was shot at the Beyonce concert at AT&T Stadium in Arlington on TUESDAY NIGHT!!!

Dez and the Cowboys owner were sitting in the same VIP box at AT&T Stadium (aka Jerry World) and the two looked to be on good terms. 

Vince Valdez

Interesting, considering the Cowboys released Dez back in April and there's definitely been some animosity between the WR and the organization ever since. 

So, we reached out to Dez to find out if he's squashed the beef with his former boss and he told us, "Me and Jerry was never on bad terms."

We also asked if there was a chance that he could sign a new contract with the Cowboys and return to his old squad ... but that's when Dez went radio silent on us. 

Of course, the Cowboys could use a playmaker right now -- the offense looked pretty bad over the weekend. 

Is this the first step toward a reunion? Stay tuned ...