'Big Brother' Cries of Sexual Misconduct ... Jc 'Scooping' Houseguests' Vaginas

A "Big Brother" houseguest tried using an ice cream scooper on the genitals of several of his housemates ... and fans are crying foul.

JC Mounduix was captured on the show's online live feed attempting to place the scooper in or around the privates of some other cast members -- namely Kaycee Clark, Kaitlyn Herman and Tyler Crispen.

#BB20 with video evidence of his inappropriate touching of females, how have producers not removed JC from the house/game?

At one point, JC told Kaycee to open her vagina because it "feels good." He tries it on Kaitlyn too, going under a blanket and trying to get it near her ... apparently against her will. JC also tries going for Tyler, who covers himself and says "no." Later, he's seen touching Tyler's genitals.

I don’t know if you’ve been watching the feeds but JC has been touching houseguests inappropriately and production isn’t doing anything ☹️. Weren’t there any rules on that? It’s disgusting to watch.

None of the housemates complained about JC's behavior -- not on camera, anyway -- but, many fans online are calling out producers for not disciplining JC, or kicking him out of the house entirely.

This is totally reminiscent of the butt-poking epidemic last year in the 'BB' house. We've reached out to CBS for comment ... so far, no word back.

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