Corey Feldman Blow-by-Blow Account of 'Stabbing'

Corey Feldman has a detailed story about a group of men that were following his car Tuesday night before yanking his door open and stabbing him with a sharp object, and Corey thinks this might be an intimidation tactic over his recent claims that he was victim of pedophilia.

Corey tells TMZ he was driving home from dinner with his security guard when he noticed a car on the freeway driving so erratically it caused a crash. Corey says he got off the freeway and soon noticed a car was following him -- a car that looked like the one with the erratic driver on the freeway.

He says his security guard had words with someone in the other car and, when Corey was stopped at a red light, the passengers in the other car made their move. Corey says one of the guys pulled his door open and jabbed him one time with a sharp object -- either the tip of a knife or a syringe.

Corey says the puncture was small and drew a tiny bit of blood, but he was concerned enough to go to the hospital, where police came and debriefed him and his security guard.

As for motive ... Corey says he's not sure what these guys were up to -- possibly road rage, but another possibility is retaliation for his pedophilia accusations.

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