Cardi B Pregnancy Could Cost Her Boatloads of Cash

A Cardi B team member says she's pregnant -- 3 to 4 months along -- which would make her upcoming business deals and commitments tricky ... costing her big bucks.

Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ ... Cardi and her team expect to finish a new album before end of summer ... and the plan is to tie the release to a 2-month tour with Bruno Mars, which kicks off in September. When you do the math, you see the problem. If she's at the beginning of the second trimester, she'll give birth sometime in August.

And there's more. Cardi, who had a hugely successful Super Bowl commercial, has other commercial deals on the table. She also has offers to collab with other artists.

On top of all that ... she's supposed to start filming a movie sometime next month, which could be problematic once she approaches her 5th month.

And don't forget ... she's scheduled to perform at Coachella in mid-April. If she's a no-show, that would be the second year in a row a huge act bailed because she was with child.

As for how much money is on the line ... it varies from project to project, but as a point of reference -- Cardi gets around $100k a show and $60k for nightclub walk-throughs.

Cardi says she's not pregnant, but time will certainly tell.


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