Republic Records' Charlie Walk Alleged Extortionist Threatened Me ... Resign Or I'll F*** You Up!!!

Republic Records honcho and 'The Four' judge Charlie Walk claims he was being extorted before an ex-employee accused him of sexual misconduct, and says he has a voicemail to prove it.

TMZ has obtained a voicemail a source close to Charlie claims was left by radio exec Tom Gilligan. The caller, who sounds drunk, offers Charlie a "deal" -- resign from 'The Four' and Republic and "nobody will ever say anything." He claimed Walk hired hookers, and 3 women were ready to go public as part of the #MeToo movement.

Gilligan tells us he doesn't recall leaving a voicemail for Walk, but does acknowledge he was drunk and upset with him around the same time. He claims Charlie had ignored his request to set up a meet-and-greet with Jon Bon Jovi.

Although the message was left about a month before Tristan Coopersmith went public with allegations against Walk -- Gilligan insists he has nothing to do with her or an extortion plot. As we reported ... Walk pulled out of 'The Four' finale, airing this week.

Walk's attorney, Duncan Levin, says they've filed a complaint about Gilligan with the Manhattan D.A.'s office and submitted the voicemail as evidence.

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