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Pro Wrestler Bret Hart Older Bro, Smith Hart, Dead at 68

Smith Hart -- the oldest sibling of the Hart wrestling family, and brother to Bret Hart -- has died after a battle with cancer.

Former WWE wrestler David Hart Smith -- Smith's nephew -- posted a message Sunday saying his uncle had died. Smith's own Facebook page posted a message as well confirming his death.

Smith was the oldest of 12 in the Hart wrestling family, and appeared in WrestleMania 26 alongside his younger brother, Bret ... who wrestled Vince McMahon in 2010. Smith wrestled professionally through the '70s, '80s and '90s, and made appearances on WWF and WWE.

Smith was apparently foreshadowing his death for a while now. He posted a pic of himself at his younger brother Owen's grave site ... with the caption "Thought I'd visit with Owen today. I'll see you soon brother." Owen died tragically in 1999 during a WWF pay-per-view event due to an equipment malfunction.

Smith has been in the hospital fighting terminal cancer since at least June of this year.

He was 68.

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