Iran hates Israel so much it ordered one of its wrestlers to throw a match to avoid facing an Israeli in the following round ... prompting Benjamin Netanyahu to rip the Iran regime a new one.

The Israeli Prime Minister posted this video Monday after Ali Reza Karimi of Iran was ordered by his coach to throw his match against Russia's Alikhan Zhabrailov at the U-23 World Championships in Poland. The reason? He would've faced Israel's Uri Kalashnikov in the second round.

As Netanyahu says in the video, Iran forbids its athletes from competing against Israelis. He says, "Now that's not surprising, given that the regime in Tehran calls for the destruction of all Israelis, the destruction of Israel."

Check it out ... Netanyahu challenges the world to "show Iran's regime that hating others will never make you a champion. It only makes you a pathetic and insecure loser."