Better start saving up, BBB fans -- LaVar Ball says he's designing his own signature shoe ... and they're gonna cost $1,500. AT LEAST!!

LaVar dropped the bombshell during a live Q&A on Sunday -- when a fan asked the Big Baller dad when he was droppin' his own pair of kicks.

LaVar doesn't have a release date yet -- but says the shoes will be called "The LaVar-iccis" ... and are gonna cost MORE THAN TRIPLE Lonzo Ball's $495 ZO2s (and almost 4x LaMelo Ball's $395 MB1s).

Why so much?

"Cause I’m gonna design 'em and they gonna be flyyy ... my bad, they gonna be baller-ized!"

Is he for real on the price tag? At this point, we wouldn't put it past him.   

Lavar Ball