Bonnie Tyler has eclipsed the charts with her hit song from the '80s ... and it's all thanks to the moon just doing what it does.

Tyler's 1983 song, "Total Eclipse of the Heart," has rocketed to number 1 on the iTunes chart, which is no coincidence ... she's been teasing a performance of her tune while the solar eclipse is watched across the country.

Cruise Critic

Bonnie performed Monday for passengers on a cruise ship, who got to watch her sing her hit ... and potentially burn their eyeballs while staring at the celestial phenomenon. Oh, and DNCE shared the stage with her too ... no biggie.

As a result of all the hype ... Bonnie's 'Total Eclipse' is up 267% on Amazon, and her greatest hits album is #3 on its Movers and Shakers list  ... in addition to her #1 spot on iTunes.

Quite the turnaround for her ... who knew we needed that song now more than ever.