And now, the comedic stylings of Rob Gronkowski ... 

"You wanna know why Jews do play football??? To get their quarter back you cheap f*ck."


Yeah, that was the kind of material Gronk was workin' with at the Roast of David Ortiz in Boston on Thursday -- where he dropped everything from black jokes to fat jokes to penis jokes.

Hey, it's a roast ... right? 

Among the highlights ...

-- Gronk pointed out female comics he wouldn't bang

-- told Anthony Mackie (who's black) he was impressed by his role of Falcon in Captain America because he could fly "when he's not being chased by the cops"

-- told Ortiz he "jerked off" in his green room on the set of a Dunkin' Donuts commercial 

There's more. Eight minutes of it. Enjoy.

The good news, the event raised money for the David Ortiz Children's Fund.