It's now June 2 ... so it looks like President Trump is passing on the recent tradition of declaring June the month America celebrates Pride.

Bill Clinton started the tradition of making June LGBT Pride month. He did that on June 1, 1999, but tradition was quickly broken when President Bush took office in 2001. During his 8-year tenure LGBT month was off the books.

President Obama resurrected the proclamation on June 1, 2009 and every June 1 thereafter, making the month LGBT Pride, designed to speak out against discrimination and fight for equal rights.

June 1, 2017 was a telling day ... would President Trump follow the lead of Obama and Clinton? The Prez said during the campaign he supported LBGTQ rights. But June 1st came and went, and so far ... no declaration.  

We called several White House officials to see what's up, but didn't get return calls.