The Game says Michael Jordan hasn't done enough for the black community -- so he's going to use his cash to support a DIFFERENT shoe entrepreneur ... Lonzo Ball

The rapper just spent $2,000 on Ball's new ZO2 shoes -- which run $495 a pair -- and laid out his reasons on Instagram. 

"I've spent over a million dollars, sh*t probably more on Nike's, Jordan's & other big name sneaker brands in my lifetime so why not support a family brand & a rising stars shoe."

He continued, "While MJ, as much as I love & support him & his legacy ain't really ever did much for the black community other then tax our mothafuckin' ass for the same shoes over & over as well as charge these kids parents hella money to get in these camps."

"No hate... MJ is MJ but today I chose to support @Zo & his family."

Game also vowed to buy TEN MORE PAIRS of Lonzo's shoes for underprivileged kids. 

LaVar Ball is gonna LOVE that.